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Hot Launch|【AutoMate】An Awesome Vehicle App You Can Not Miss

Hot Launch|【AutoMate】An Awesome Vehicle App You Can Not Miss

Thu Jun 21 18:33:00 CST 2018

Hot Launch|AutoMateAn Awesome Vehicle App You Can Not Miss

   Have you ever coveted those dazzling digital instruments on the sports cars, such as Tesla Model S, Lamborghini Aventador, LaFerrari, or the Wuling Hongguang S1? Are you weary of theordinaryway that the numbers showed on the calculator screen? Once you get OBD box (AutoMate intelligent box) and AutoMate App, you can easily get incredible digital instruments displayed on your unpretentious cars.

    TOPDON's self-developed AutoMate App supports both IOS and Android systems, which means that you can install this software on iPod touch, iPhone, iPad,Android phone and tablet.Among them, the IOS versionon the Apple Store will sell for $9.99, andtheversion for Android on the Google Play is more affordable for only $6.99. Users can search and download AutoMate from the App Store or Google Play.


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    If you are not too obsess about the appearance but the technological content,AutoMate can also satisfy your curiosity.It can display a number of driving parameters hidden by the car factories and calculate dynamic performance data of some vehicles.If you complain that there is no water temperature showing, AutoMate can surely tell you the water temperature, which could even accurate to single digit.If you complain that there is no average speed or average fuel consumption, AutoMate will not only tell you both of them, but also show you the amount of carbon dioxide emissions, idle time and so on.This is the power of AutoMate!

1.   Vehicle Performance


   This page provides data presentation of thetachometer, speedometer, acceleration G value, real-time output power of the engine and torque. Through observation, accurate real-time data of daily driving can be obviously seen. Maybe there are still some of you doubtwhether it is possible to read such abundant information on these unpretentious cars.In fact, every new vehicle produced after 2000 has OBD system and its interface-- an on-board automatic diagnostic system,through which real-time traffic data can be accessed. And what AutoMates does is to read these data and display themvisually.

2.   Fuel Consumption


     Do you still envy some models with statistical function of historical fuel consumption histogram?AutoMate can totally make it. In addition, you can also check the instantaneous fuel consumption and average fuel consumption (the average fuel consumption data can be cleared at any time to be re-recorded). On the lower side, the remaining mileage and remaining fuel are presented (general PID support is required, and some models cannot read thesetwo parts of data). The function of fuel flowcan not only show the difference in the idle fuel consumption and the idle fuel consumption when the air conditioner is turned on and off, but also predict the fuel consumption of the regular motor vehicleswith air conditioner off, etc.

3.   Traffic Data


     AutoMate can record the important traffic data for a certain section of the road, such as average speed, average fuel consumption, average engine speed, mileage, fuel consumption, and so on. This should be one of the most commonly used function in daily routines.Through data recording,it is easy to acquire driving datawhen arrived the destination.What’s more, the screenshots can be used for future analysis and comparison.Just imagine, if you don't have AutoMate, many of the tests on fuel consumption will become difficult and complicated.While for those who installed the AutoMate app, these tests are such easy to operate.

4.   Engine Related Parameters


    Wondering the intake air temperature and the inlet pressure without water temperature gauge? All of these can be addressed. AutoMate provides a lot of engine parameters that can be interpreted from the OBD interface. As the pictures shows, you can easily get the information about water temperature, intake air temperature, intake pressure, ignition advance angle and other information displayed in a graphical way.

    In addition to the above-mentioned parts, AutoMate also has other functions like DTC reading and clearing, sharing and vehicle management, etc. In the future, TOPDON's development team will conduct more in-depth information mining on AutoMate APP and bring more interesting and cool features to everyone. Please look forward to it.


    Please trust me that sometimes thedriving experience that you own is only one stepaway from "Excellence", which is a smart phone with AutoMate installed.